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Easter 2014

Also called Resurrection Sunday, Easter 2014 is one of the major festival in the Christian calendar as it celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. The early church saw the account of Jesus? resurrection as the main indication of God?s point, declaring Jesus as the Messiah and Savior. Easter is celebrated since the fourth century and has been the center of the Christian community that even churches that traditionally do not follow other feasts of the church year celebrate Easter as the focal point of Christian faith and worship.

When Is Easter 2014?

Easter Sunday 2014: Sunday, 20 April 2014
Easter Monday 2014: Monday, 21 April 2014
Easter 2014 will fall on Sunday, 20 April 2014.

In many countries, the celebrations begin a week earlier, with Palm Sunday marking the start of Holy week.

Easter Date Calculations
Easter date is based on lunar cycle. Accordingly, lunar month that starts somewhere between 8 March and 5 April will be designated as paschal month for the year. Third Sunday in the paschal month will be designated as Easter Sunday. Accordingly, Easter Sunday can falls anywhere between 22 March and 25 April (inclusive). Easter 2014 falls on 20 April 2014.

Easter 2014 Celebrations Around The World

Easter 2014 in Australia
Aside from its religious implications, Australia celebrates Easter as a four day holiday weekend that starts on Good Friday and ends on Easter Monday. Australians take Easter 2014 as a mini holiday to get together with friends and families. It is also a busy day for domestic air travels in the country and is also considered a perfect event for weddings and baptisms.

Australians also celebrate Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day. Being the last day before lent, the people of Australia initiates a feast consisting of the foods that wouldn’t last the forty days of lent. Australian groups and families also share their made pancakes with each other. Selling them to raise money for charity is also an annual event. Easter egg hunt is also a popular activity among Australians, especially children. Here, the Easter bunny delivers chocolate Easter eggs to children. Easter egg hunts are conducted mainly on parks and recreational areas wherein adults scatter and hide Easter eggs for the children to find and gather for a prize.

Easter 2014 in Philippines
Being the only Christian country in Southeast Asia, the Philippines celebrate Easter religiously each and every time. Easter 2014 celebrations in Philippines begins with Ash Wednesday followed by Palm Sunday and is followed by the Holy Week that will end on Easter Sunday.

Palm Sunday marks the preparation of Filipinos for Easter. People go to church with palm leaves to be blessed by the priest and attend the mass as a Festivity will start on Palm Sunday when everyone goes to church with palm leaves and listen to the mass to prepare them for the week-long celebration ahead. Monday to Wednesday is still considered as normal days although restrictions like drinking are now prohibited.

On Maundy Thursday, Filipinos attend the mass to commemorate the beginning of Jesus? sufferings. The Station of the Cross is also observed where devout Catholics of the country visit as many churches as they can. Some would stay as home and sing the Pasyon or Passion. Good Friday is the time penitents reenact the Passion of Jesus up to the point of His crucifixion. Black Saturday is still time for fasting and people prepare for Easter Sunday where they all go to church to celebrate Christ?s resurrection. Some families would flock to the beach and parks to be with their families and friends.

Easter 2014 in Ireland
Ireland celebrates Easter 2014 just like any other Christian nation. Masses are rampant and traditions are observed. Most people get together with friends and families after church services for a traditional Irish meal. Children receive and eat Easter eggs afterward. Although this meal may be quite festive, some people tend to still observe fasting, or no meat between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday.

Easter 2014 in New Zealand
People in New Zealand celebrate 2014 Easter by attending Church services over the weekend to commemorate Jesus? death, suffering and resurrection. Local bakeries usually make Hot Cross Buns and East Eggs for the Easter Bunny to collect and distribute to the children come Easter 2014 Sunday morning.

Easter 2014 in United Kingdom
In the United Kingdom, the Queen takes over in the celebration of lent, particularly on Maundy Thursday 2013 by giving Maundy Money to senior citizens who are usually chosen if they had done some service to their community. Palm leaves are also present, which are blessed and is decorated on churches. Easter Eggs, the Easter bunny is also an attraction for children. Morris dancing is also an attraction. Men dress up in costumes with hats and ribbons around their ankles and dance in the streets and carry an inflated pig?s bladder that they occasionally poke over young women’s heads for good luck. Women would also dress up during Easter in Easter bonnets laced with ribbons and flowers.

Easter 2014 in United States
People in the United States celebrate Easter 2014 much like any other Christian country in the world. It is the time for fasting, penitence, confession, carnivals and being with loved ones. Some cities in the US stage the passion of Jesus through plays and holds and Easter parade as well. 

Happy Easter 2014

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