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Palm Sunday


Palm Sunday 2014

Palm Sunday 2014 or Passion Sunday 2014 is a Christian festival commemorating Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem. It is customary in many countries to celebrate Palm Sunday with a special mass before the blessing of palm leaves, or in some other countries, olive branches. The blessing usually takes place outside the church which also includes the reading of the Gospel that tells of how Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey and how people greeted him with palms leaves.

This is followed by a march into the church with constant waving of the blessed palm leaves and branches. Included in the Palm Sunday mass is the reading of the Passion and the sequence of events of Jesus? capture, suffering and death.

When is Palm Sunday 2014?

the date of 2014 Palm Sunday falls on Sunday, 13 April 2014.

When is 2013 Palm Sunday? 
Palm Sunday 2013 falls on Sunday, 24 March 2013.

Palm Sunday in Around The World

Palm Sunday for the year 2014 is celebrated in many different ways around the world.

Palm Sunday 2014 in United States
In the United States, many Christians remember the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday that marks the start of Holy week. Programs of holy music are played in several cities and towns on this occasion. Frequently, they are sponsored by and seized in home churches but they might also be piece of the musical society?s regular concert sequence. Usually, these programs start on Palm Sunday or before and might pursue all through Holly Week.

Palm Sunday in Australia 2014
Several churches in Australia have Palm Sunday mass particularly the Catholic Churches to celebrate the entry of Jesus in Jerusalem. Also, it's a moment for Christians to remember the suffering of Jesus before his resurrection and death. Priests approve palms prior to dispense them to the flock. Sometimes, they arrive in the form of a cross and might be utilized to create ashes for Ash Wednesday for the following year.

Palm Sunday in United Kingdom 2014
In United Kingdom, churches may as well have a parade which involves individual waving palm leaves and singing songs. Several churches provide people a pan cake at the final of their service. The activity of children around or on this occasion may comprise story telling regarding biblical events connecting to Palm Sunday and skill creating palm crosses.

2014 Palm Sunday in Philippines
Each region and parish in the Philippines has their own customs for rejoicing Palm Sunday. Before entering the Church grounds to dramatize Christ?s entry in Jerusalem, some hold solemn processions. Women in some provinces in a custom recognized as ?paglalatag?, lay parts of mats or cloth on the street guiding to the cathedral as devotional signs of their greeting of the Messiah.

Palm Sunday 2014 in Canada
While in Canada, churches might involve kids through blessing them comprising kids? hymns and songs or having particular Sunday school meetings. Several people in the Catholic area and some other Christian denominations dedicate their time knowing about the tale of Jesus Christ?s experiencing in the front up to his resurrection and death. Most university choirs in the chapel sing unusual songs on this occasion.

Palm Sunday in South Africa 2014
One of the major Easter celebration is South Africa. Easter celebration in South Africa is more conventional and there is very little, if any, commercialization feel. The festivity begins with Palm Sunday and goes on until Easter Sunday. Masses, processions and prayers are held in this moment. Being more conventional in rejoicing the South Africa?s Easter holds occasion like painting, Easter pot, Egg decoration and in addition Easter painting. The conventional food comprises mashed potato, pickled fish, hot cross buns and marshmallow.

Palm Sunday 2014 in New Zealand
New Zealand citizens celebrates their Palm Sunday by attending house of worship services more than the weekend to remember the death, suffering and resurrection of Jesus Christ. As a matter of fact, local bakeries create East Eggs and Hot Cross Buns to gather and hand out to the kids on this event. Also, the swapping of attractive Easter eggs is common amongst close-knit relatives. This event is very significant and even non Christian relation also participates in the celebration.

Happy Palm Sunday 2014 Holiday!

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