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Celebrating New Years Eve 2014 in Athens Greece


New Year’s Eve is the most precious festival that brings lots of happiness, fortunes for everyone. People from different areas celebrate this day with grand arrangements. It is true that we all are busy with our daily works throughout the year. Therefore, everybody eagerly waits for the special day. Celebration means music, concerts, countdown party, dance, NYE fireworks and many more things.

But when it comes to 2014 New Year’s celebration it also includes various rituals, traditions that the people of different countries, different cities maintain dedicatedly. Whether you are too busy with your work or you do not like such parties, make sure at least in this time of the year you definitely will use your work leaves properly and spend time with family or friends. Among many amazing ancient capital cities in Europe, Athens is the best place to celebrate Christmas 2013 and New Years Eve 2014 in Greece.

Celebrations of 2014 New Years Eve in Athens Greece

The Municipality of Athens is expected to mark the change of the year with some funs and ceremonies in December 31st 2013, New Year’s Eve. Plenty of the Christmas themes keep continuing until January 7th 2014, the day after Epiphany, although the child-focused ones will have closed earlier in the evenings.

One feature of Athens city making it special from most other major European cities is the proliferation on roof gardens maintained by the Athens’ hotels. And the densely packed nature of the city center means public space is at an absolute premium, so local hoteliers have circumvented this restriction by taking their public areas vertical, so on many city center hotel roofs you will find attractive bars, many with pools and restaurants, and this provides a perfect setting for a panoramic view of the midnight NYE firework displays. New Years Eve concerts are usually scheduled at Syntagma Square, Kotzia Square on Athinas Street where the Athens City Hall is located, and Klafthmonos Square.

Best hotels and accommodations in Athens on NYE & Xmas holidays

Athens has a wide range of great accommodations such as Magna Grecia Boutique Hotel, Herodion Hotel, Royal Olympic Hotel, Fresh Hotel, Sofitel Athens Airport Hotel, etc. If you are preparing to stay in Greece for 2013 Christmas and 2014 New Years Eve, early hotel booking is extremely recommended.

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