Saturday, June 15, 2013

UFO memorial monument in Kronoskogen, Sweden


This memorial monument was made because allegedly an UFO had landed in the forest areas Kronoskogen. The monument declared by Gosta Carlsson, a Swedish ice hockey player, as reported by the Atlas Obsucra, Monday (05/27/2013). Kronoskogen ufo UFO memorial monument in Kronoskogen, Sweden

Gosta said, once there was an UFO that landed on the ground of Kronoskogen on May 18, 1946. The monument was constructed in 1963 with concrete construction. ufo monument UFO memorial monument in Kronoskogen, Sweden 

Gosta also said he met with the aliens and received a prescription for medical treatment naturally that makes him healthy. So why, Gosta establish a drug manufacturer named Cernelle and Allergon. After that, the monument was built for UFO landing.

However, many people who do not agree with the statement of Gosta Carlsson. They do not believe that the monument was made by reason of an UFO ever landed in the woods of Kronoskogen.

There has never been evidence to declare the truth of it. Some groups in Sweden is still in the investigation of UFOs in the area. UFO in Sweden monument shaped like a large dish, black, and situated in the middle of the large field. DI is a dense forest around him. UFO’s monument in Sweden was hotly debated to this day. Therefore, there are also other UFO memorials in the area of Emilcin, Poland. UFO monument still remains a mystery.

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