Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Polar Heart Rate Monitor FT60 Review


Polar Heart Rate Monitor type FT60 does more than display heart rates, and reviewers say this training partner is surprisingly motivating - much like having a virtual personal trainer.

The Polar Heart Rate Monitor FT60 will tracks your heart rate and calories, and its training program calculates workout zones based on your current level of fitness. It will also tell you if you are working too hard or need to speed it up.

What are the other features? FT60 include a fitness test, 100-workout history, alarm and backlit display. Optional GPS or foot pods track speed and distance. The FT60 gets high marks for accuracy and reliability, and a user-replaceable battery is another plus.

But, the Polar FlowLink must be purchased separately if you want to transfer your heart-rate data to a computer. Some reviewers say initial setup can be complex, and some complaints that the display can be hard to read in certain lighting conditions. If you don't need features like a customized workout program or fitness test, the Timex Ironman Race Trainer also gets high marks at a cheaper price. The Polar FT60 is reviewed by a number of publications such as The New York Times. The newspaper enlists the help of a personal trainer to review five heart rate monitors, including the Polar FT60.

You can search on google that an older article in The New York Times is also helpful. and Runner's World magazine also test the Polar Heart Rate Monitor FT60 in real-world settings. There are many shorter reviews are available from Bicycling and

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